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You’ve got layers and layers of overlooked and scattered data. You need help deciphering that data to make informed business decisions and you need to do it fast. You need the power and position of Pixel Trail.


Excel and printed maps are the new dial-up internet. Our company is driven to help clients across several industries make new discoveries with more information –and in less time than ever.


Oil & Gas

GIS has been a part of the petroleum industry for decades, however, most companies have not cracked the code to proactive technology advancements in this space. We bring companies up to speed when it comes to integrating GIS with land, geology, engineering, operations, and management in both web and mobile applications for improved efficiency and accessibility. We partner with teams on a short-term or long-term project basis to transition businesses into a next generation GIS environment.

Mineral Owners

Apply the same GIS techniques successful upstream companies are already familiar with to identify the most valuable minerals, operators, and opportunities available to you. Our GIS-centric platform monitors permitting, drilling, and production activity so you can ensure you are on the path to profit easily. By integrating your accounting software into our platform, all divisions of your company can access critical financial data without the burden of moving from one system to the next.

Wind Energy

GIS has been a critical aspect of land departments in wind energy for the past decade. This is actually the industry where Pixel Trail got its start. As technology evolved and regulations changed, we developed new strategies to integrate GIS with your land acquisition, design, development, field operations, maintenance, and environmental regulation compliance. Our Oil and Gas solutions can easily be tailored for wind. Position yourself as a leader in the industry by deploying innovative GIS solutions now.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

GIS significantly benefits non-profit environmental and humanitarian efforts. Our solutions gather and analyze demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental data to give you a view of a geopolitical landscape that will aid your company in fulfilling non-profit missions the right way, in the right place. Man-made and natural worlds coexist, yet a full understanding of the interdependence of so many variables remains unexplored. Our GIS solutions work to close this gap as we embark upon new NGO pursuits that benefit the people and ecosystems in need.

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