Who we are

Pixel Trail is driven to help clients make big breakthroughs in their geographic data with confidence. We develop and deploy custom GIS software and technology to help you discover, collect, and analyze vital data that makes a measurable difference in the way you do business.


Our Solutions have a few things in common.

All of our solutions are designed to help you make informed decisions that impact revenue and move your projects forward fast. We configure your tools and develop new methodologies to see exactly where you stand and where you should go next.


Case Studies

Check out some of the ways we've helped our clients overcome their business challenges through GIS.


National Parks & Endangered Habitats

Using GIS to Identify Protected Lands Before Pursuing Acreage


Permian Basin

Creating $60 Million in Revenue Potential by Identifying Unleased Acreage with GIS


VDR Due Diligence

Keeping a Super Major from Selling Acreage They Didn’t Own


Revenue Recovery

Helping a Mineral Owner Recover $2 Million with an Optimized GIS Platform


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