The best lessons are
learned through experience.

Here we’ve collected a few great cases of GIS gone well and wrong in a wide variety of companies and industries.

The Story: A company acquired ~2000 acres in the Permian Basin, immediately boosting revenue potential by $30MM.

This company knew taking the same approach as every other company in the hottest basin was a fool’s errand and a waste of capital.

Moving beyond the one-size-fits-all GIS mapping platforms familiar to government and data vendors and into a customized GIS solution helped an operator identify prime leasing territory that hadn’t been claimed. Applying advanced GIS as rapidly as possible in an up-and-coming pay zone or already developed play is priceless when going to the courthouse to decipher what’s up for take is the norm.



The Story: A mineral owner gained an additional $2M in revenue recovery.

A client had a hunch their minerals were out of sync with unrealized revenue. Pixel Trail helped the mineral owner build an accurate GIS-centric solution of where they stand so they could figure out what they needed to do next to recover revenue.

Well trajectory and placement often crosses borders into the mineral rights of unsuspecting mineral owners. This happens quite often and is sometimes the result of a well’s deviation from a site that’s in the wrong location itself. In other words, it doesn’t take much for a well trajectory to be tens or even hundreds of feet off by the time a horizontal kicks off and reaches its total measured depth. For this reason, optimized GIS can help land and mineral owners protect what’s rightfully theirs for every drilling operation in close proximity to their land.



The Story: An oil and gas company wasted 7 months of G&G expenses when a landman sold them space… in a national park.

Yep, this really happened. And it’s more common than you think. Without the right information, you could mistakenly find yourself in a completely inaccessible location: a national park, an Indian reservation, state lands, a new suburb restricting surface access to drill, or an endangered species habitat. It’s imperative to know everything about the land when securing acreage, and implementing the right GIS platform will help you avoid these costly mistakes.



The Story: A Supermajor was trying to sell assets they no longer owned.

As a potential buyer got deeper into the due diligence phase, they started to sense something was wrong with the data from the A&D shop. When they requested Pixel Trail’s GIS assistance, we helped them uncover the errors. They were doing economic engineering calculations and negotiating a PSA with false net acreage.

The Supermajor, and subsequently the A&D shop responsible for the transaction, never vetted their data. Our GIS solution prevented costly and embarrassing legal mistakes, even to companies you think would be the most organized. When managed and integrated into all disciplines, GIS solutions keep your human capital working towards creating value, not salvaging it.

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