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Pixel Trail is a dedicated team of geography and technology enthusiasts on a mission to change the way people interact with GIS data. Our platform is continuously evolving to empower people to solve location problems and position explorers for success.


The idea of Pixel Trail was founded over a decade ago with the belief that leveraging geography is a radically different way to do business. Geography does not exist to simply represent where stuff is on earth; it exists to solve our planet’s largest challenges and push people to explore unimaginable frontiers.

Leadership and Members

Dylan Kennard | CEO + Master Geographer

B.A. & M.A in Geography with 10+ years in the GIS industry. Pioneered GIS Mobile & Web Mapping in 2010 on the Deepwater Horizon MC252 Oil Spill Response, before the GIS industry knew it existed.

Nate Winkler | Master Geographer

B.A. & M.A. in Geography, B.A. in Economics, and a life-learner through Penn State’s MGIS, Geospatial Intelligence, and Remote Sensing programs with 10+ years in the GIS industry. Was instrumental in supporting GIS during the BP Deepwater Horizon MC252 Oil Spill Response.

Michael Welter | Full Stack Developer & IT | Yammm Software

Extensive experience with Microsoft products, IT Security, Web Servers, eclectic programming, hardware device manufacturing, mobile apps, etc.

Jennifer Tieu | Apprentice Geographer

Has a B.A. in Geography with a Minor in Computer Science. She is focused on database management, GeoAnalytics, Cartography, Python, and Application User Support.

Helen Kennard | Bookkeeper & Accountant

Has a B.A. in Finance with over 20 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, and finance. She’s also Dylan’s mom.

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